Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AAH! The Sea

This was the sky the other morning on my walk on the beach. The picture does it no justice! There were rainbow colors shooting out that don't show up in the picture. I really look forward to my morning walks with just my thoughts and the sound of waves crashing and birds cawing! It makes everything melt away and is such a great way for me start my day.We went to Malibu this weekend. The sunset was so beautiful. It was great to just spend some time with the little kids while Shelby and Jaxon were at EFY. Someone always has to be the center of attention!

This is in Malibu too. That is not really the sun. It is just the light from it. Mylee played on the rocks and Paydon and Kris threw a football. I sat back in awe of the beauty around me. I love being with my family so much!

Pinewood Derby Time

Paydon had his first pinewood derby. Anyone who knows him knows how much he LOVES cars. This was right up his alley. Him Kris got together and made an awesome looking car. The car raced average, and Paydon loved every minute of the 3 1/2 hour event.

Paydon and his best bud Chris. Both their cars did pretty good.

Paydon came home today with a book on his bed titled How to Make A Perfect Pinwood Derby Car, and a note from Kris saying "lets do this"! Looks like everyone better look out! We could have a winner next year!

Coming HOME

We have come back to Utah twice since we moved. I love Santa Barbara a lot, but being away from all our family and friends is really hard. I will find all kinds of excuses to come for a visit. I will also talk anyone into coming to visit us. Hey you have a free place to stay!!!!

Can't get over how much Shelby and Nic look like each other!

Halli was not happy that we were leaving her. We were sad to leave too! Everyone was so good to us, giving us warm beds to sleep in and yummy food to eat and fun entertainment.

The absolutely craziest clan EVER! These cousins get together and the house ends up looking like a tornado hit it and the noise level reaches decibels that impair your hearing! They have the best time together and that is all that matters! Chambers thank you for all the yummy food and the birthday cake for Shelby.

Three hooligans ready for a good nights sleep...... Yeah right!!!!! It was the craziest bed hoppin night of my life! Oh the memories!

What's up?

We finally made it to Disneyland! We got annual passes and are going to try to go at least once a month. The passes have block out dates and the Saturdays are always blocked out. So the kids will be missing a few days of school. Their teachers aren't going to like it! They will have enough schooling! Fun family experiences are what this life is about! Disneyland is about a 2 hour drive from our house.

We met up with Brian and Amber and their 3 so well behaved girls. We had so much fun spending time with cousins!

We have started a tradition of the first ride we will always go on is Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Karrens came and spent a couple nights at our house. They were so fun to have with us! I cried the day they left. I think they really liked it here so I am hoping for another visit from them soon!

My parents came out and saw us. We loved having grandma and grandpa hanging out for a couple of days! We took them to all the beautiful sights in Santa Barbara.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We"re ALIVE!!!

Well I think we have finally settled in our rather quaint home! I can't believe it has almost been 2 months since we took the plunge and moved to Santa Barbara California! It has been an adjustment with a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, tincy kitchen, no backyard, and a laundary closet out in the garage. It has been so much change for the kids they have been at each others throats since we got here. I hope things cool down in a couple of months and they can get to their comfortable selves. Sometimes I wonder if aliens have taken over my childrens bodies! They are adjusting and getting a little more used to school and making some friends.

We have been learning to surf! Shelby is a fish and can spend hours trying every couple of minutes to catch a wave! Her first time she made it standing on the board she had her feet together and was waving both arms like she was a dairy queen on a float. I wasn't there but Kris came home and told me about it and I wished I could have seen it or we had a picture. I was laughing so hard picturing her! Paydon enjoys giving it a few tries when Shelby actually gives up the board and gives him a turn.

Mylee spends most of the time running back and forth in and out of the waves and playing in the sand.

They have free movies on the pier. They set up a big screen and projector and you bring your chairs and enjoy a movie surrounded by the awesome backdrop of the ocean and sunset. This night we watched Never Ending Story and we also went to Shrek.

You know you live in an awsome place when you see a cruise ship parked in the ocean just a few miles away from your house!

We are getting adjusted and can't wait for friends and family to come see us! We miss everyone back in Utah and would just love it if they would all pack up their stuff and move here with us! We have met amazing people here and feel this is an experience that will stregnthen our family and draw us closer to one another.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


How time flies. So much has happened in the last 6 months. Kris had been looking for a new job for about 2 years and he finally got one in Feb. So the end of Feb him and Jaxon headed out to sunny Santa Barbara, California. They have been there for 2 months now and I miss them terribly! Well maybe the husband more than the teenager! All of you who live with one could totally agree with me! Me and the other 3 kids drove the 13 and a half hours to spend a week with them in their 300 square foot apartment over spring break. We had a blast in the warm sun just hanging out as a family. We spent everyday hanging out at the beach. We spent time with some friends that live there. I was a little worried, i mean it is California, but i felt really safe and comfortable there. I can see myself living there for a couple years, but then coming back to where my family is. We are giving this a trial run to see if Kris can sell enough windows and doors to move the rest of us up there. I was worried about the schools there so that is why Jaxon went with Kris, and also to keep him company. He goes to Santa Barbara High School since 9th grade is in high school there. I was nervous but he is doing good and liking school as much as a 15 year old boy can. (There is not a metal detector at the doors of the school, i asked the first day he went.) It has not been harder with everyday chores and stuff because there are two less people to cook and clean up after, but it is really hard being apart! I have been surprised at how lonely it gets. I still have tons of family and friends here but they r not Kris. The one person that I have spent the last 15 years married to. I started thinking about people whose spouses have died! I can't imagine how lonely they feel! I get to talk to Kris everyday and even see him through pictures and skype. The loneliness is still hard to deal with. Just not havin him here to give me a big hug and kiss when he gets home from work, or just knowing he is laying beside me in bed at night. It has made me realize how much i love and need him. The good thing is that this isn't permanent. We are working hard to get our family back together whether it be in Utah or California. Until then I will just keep pluggin along and try to keep our other 3 children alive and happy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't forget the Eldest

You won't find Jaxon letting you take a picture of him anyday soon! In fact your lucky if you do see him! Jaxon is a freshmen this year and decided to try playing football for the first time. He broke his shoulder the first week of practice but is now healed up and got to play in his first game last Wed. It was an away game so I haven't seen him play yet. Can't wait for a home game so I can go see his moves! He is about as tall as me know. A whoppin five foot two to be exact! He has grown a lot in the last couple months and now looks like a young man! I hate that my baby is growning up and making me get older every day! His voice is low and deep now and it is so strange to see your baby turning into a man! I don't like it! Not one bit!